Am I Really a Gypsy?

A lot of people have been asking me lately whether I work or not. Whether I am in Mumbai, Delhi, Himachal or somewhere else in an unknown corner of the world. Few envy me for that and the others pity me for not being able to do anything with my life. At times they might feel I am having the time of my life travelling around the country while they work their asses off in their cubicle. They might also believe that I should most definitely be taking money from my family to do these trips if at all I am not actually living like a gypsy in the mountains.

For all the curious minds, here it is once and for all. I WORK. I have a FULL TIME JOB. Just like you! In the past few years post I completed my graduation, I have been working. Right now, I live and work in Mumbai as a Content Manager with a market place for luxury jewellery designers. And of course I earn what I should be earning at this age.  With this I also am pursuing my Masters in English Honours final year. I also don’t take money from my family, it is rather the other way round. I am not “that girl who quit her job and decided to live in the hills to find love and peace”.

Then, you might wonder how these trips happen! Well, you will know if you stop reading the shit these travel portals feed you. ‘This couple travelled the world’, ‘This guy quit his corporate job at 25 to travel’, ‘Wanderlust 101’ blah, blah! Stop this nonsense already. This is not taking us anywhere. Rather, creates a sense of insecurity and you actually start hating your job more than you did previously. You start feeling the need to get out of the city and open a book cafe in the mountains or a shack in Goa. For God’s sake, that’s not how it is done. We shouldn’t be done with life at such an early age, did we do our MBAs to only quit it and do what a stupid website makes us curious to do? The travel bloggers or the aspiring travel bloggers will add to the drama. Nothing against travel blogging, but show them what is real. Don’t keep posting travel quotes from Google thrice a day on Twitter and “Wish to be here” Instagram posts of a cliché European destination. That is not going to make you a travel blogger. We need real dreams, we need real people!

About a year ago, there was a session in my ex-organisation about ‘Dreams’. Every person sparing 2 or 3, out of 30 said they want to quit and travel. No kidding! Are we out of our minds? Who is going to finance your so-called ‘DREAM’! There is no harm in wanting to quit and go away, if you are really frustrated, go ahead and do it. For a month or maybe 6, once in your lifetime. When you come back, you will realise why the life we live is worth living.

I found a balance very early. Taking a short trip on long weekends and a little longer one once in two to three months satisfied me. A good 20 day vacation once in a year with it!  Everything that is done in moderation will ultimately give us happiness. We don’t need to quit our jobs at 25 to see the world.

Sometimes, you will find peace in the most crowded pub in the city. Sometimes you will learn the biggest lessons while you are drunk in your apartment with your best friend.

Travel to see the beauty of life, people and cultures. Travel, so you can go back to your routine waiting for another round of rejuvenation. Travel, because you want to travel and not because these content marketing websites ask you to. Take the experiences bit by bit and make your whole life a beautiful dream.

P.S: You need not post your travel selfies while you are there. There’s internet back home, don’t forget! This is also to tell those who question me for uploading my travel photos a little later on Instagram. You are living your dream when you are travelling, please live it the right way. 🙂

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Trupti Pakhare says:

    Thats simply awesome, great work proudo 🙂

    1. meladygypsy says:

      Thanks a lot. 🙂

  2. nellymirchi says:

    I remember finding peace in the most crowded pub on the last day of a colleague’s time at the organisation while the entire pub went “Wooohooo!” with us all.

    Also, remember the shittiest bachelorette you were a part of? That was peaceful too (because I went off to sleep earlier. :P)

    1. meladygypsy says:

      Haha. Yes, of course.

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