The Night He Fell in Love

That September, Surat was swamped under heavy rains. It was pouring over the city past three days. The streets had heavy traffic jams and the people looked rusty. The night lights shone above the mad traffic lights. They said it was not the right time to go out.

He looked out of his cab’s window, curiously. Constantly praying to miss that train he is rushing all the way to catch. The cab swiftly went on and on cutting the busy road. His eyes grew wider every time the car fastened. Adjusting his spectacles, he glanced at the wrist watch. Almost nine, he felt relieved. The feeling was soon ruined as the cab came to an abrupt stop. He had reached the railway station.

He shrugged and pulled out up his only tiny backpack. Picking up a copy of Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ from the back seat, he headed towards the platform. A regular 17 years old, he had developed a special hatred towards family trips. He wished he never had to go to Delhi, only to head to Haridwar with his nagging parents, loud aunts and boring cousins. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize the train had come on the platform. Coming back to his reality, he rushed and boarded the train. Soon, it was out of Surat station leaving no traces behind.

Rushing through doors and compartments, he found his seat. There were few people already sleeping. Moments later he realized he is sitting beside a beautiful girl. The first thing he noticed about her was the book she was reading, Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’. As he glanced a little above the book, he found the most beautiful face he has ever seen. For a moment his eyes weren’t ready to leave the face. They were stuck! He was in love!

He opened his book and pretended to read. But he couldn’t think of anything else than that beautiful face. He peeped out of his book to look again. This time she was playing with her long dark hair that fell on her face. She sat by the window and the moonlight fell on her raven hair. She wore a plain white kurti. Her nails were painted delicate pink and she wore a tiny nose ring. Her beautiful eyes were enhanced with dark kajal. Pale golden complexion added to her magnificence. He took a note of her every detail. The girl certainly took his heart!

She looked at him and smiled. Was it for real, he wondered! Meanwhile, he lost the opportunity to smile back. She looked away. He, into his book. Heart beating and stomach churning. So bad, he skipped his dinner. Soon, the lights were off and people slept. But he was wide awake! Looking at his dream, sleeping there silently. How innocent she looked, he wondered. Gazing at her beauty, he slept peacefully.

Sometimes, too much dreaming is bad. He woke up to several voices around. He had reached New Delhi station. People were moving out of the train. He looked around, she was gone. He grabbed his backpack and tried to rush to the door. The river of people wouldn’t let him reach out too soon. His heartbeat increased. He started sweating and a feeling of a deep loss took over him. He looked away and through the window, he saw her walking. The smile returned. He had to get down now!

Fighting the crowd he reached the door, gathered his guts and jumped out. He saw her standing there, in somebody’s arms. She looked happy and her eyes twinkled. He turned away and walked out of the platform for a taxi. He whistled for a cab and quickly sat in. The cab hurried through the packed streets and disappeared in the rush of the big city.

P.S: Because sometimes, it’s better to leave behind some love stories in the dreamy train, on that lonely bus stop, in the crowded wedding or on that beautiful hill station. Sometimes, love is just about that!


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