As Light As I Be

Acute distress cannot be dealt with!
As light as I be as a petite feather,
floating in the virgin blue sky with the soothing winds.
Body so calm and mind so pure!
I’d float with the currents and migrate like a flamingo
travelling across mountains and oceans to a land far off.

Heights beckon me!
As light as I be, let the heights take me
and let me explore the depths of them.
As high above I go, so deep I’d fall.
Let me feel the calmness of the whispering winds
while I take the never ending fall.
Yes, heights beckon me!

As light as I be, I’d float on the meandering surface of water.
The deep oceans would share their secrets with me.
I’d dig the endless bottoms and let the waters carry this body,
meaninglessly to a mysterious shore. With or without soul.

The pretty saffron fire holds a mystery too!
The rupturing flames look vindicated.
As light as I be, let me pass through them
and feel the warmth against my brushed skin.
The calmness of the fire has its own pleasure!

As light as I be…
like a novel yellow dream waking up to another creation!

Free-Spirits-ghosts-spirits-demons-30737747-1024-768Image source:


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